New Interac® e-Transfer Features

Interac e-Transfer has two new features, making it even more convenient!

Request Money Expand/Collapse

You can now send a money request through your app or online banking. It's a cool way to say "you owe me money" between friends. For businesses, it's an important tool to streamline payments.

When your contact completes the transfer, the funds will be automatically deposited into your account. You won't have to log in again to accept their transfer.

How can I do this?
You can find the Request Money option under Transfers in online banking OR under Interac e-Transfers on our mobile app.

Autodeposit Expand/Collapse

You can now securely receive money transfers without having to log in to online banking or your app. You can choose to register your email address with Interac e-Transfer to automatically deposit funds for you, making Interac e-Transfer an even simpler and faster way to receive your money.

How can I do this?
You can find the Autodeposit link to register on the following pages in online banking:

  • Send e-Transfer,
  • Edit Profile, or
  • Request Money

You can also find it under Settings > Interac e-Transfer > Autodeposit on your Innovation app.

Once you're set up and receive an Interac e-Transfer, it will be automatically deposited to the bank account associated with that email address.

Great News for Small Business Owners Expand/Collapse

These two new features are a game changer for small business owners. You'll now be able to:
  • Provide a convenient payment option to your customers
  • Receive funds faster
  • Track payments online
  • Improve cash flow management
If you have any questions about our new features, please contact us!
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