Responsible Banking

Responsible Banking - Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing is something we’re passionate about at Innovation. This is why we embrace Responsible Banking, which, in a nutshell is about creating and using our profits in a way that makes life better for our members, our communities and our world.

Responsible Banking is a values-based position that guides our entire team, challenging us to think differently about how we operate as a financial institution. These values also remind us that it’s our responsibility to return our profits back to our members. We do this by providing each and every one of them with long-term rewards designed to benefit them financially today and position them for a brighter tomorrow.

Being guided by the ‘do the right thing’ mandate of Responsible Banking means ensuring that our members are truly our number one priority. We practice this belief everyday and in every decision we make, from offering innovative financial products and services to rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in the communities we serve. This includes everything from volunteering and sponsorships to extending services to communities that other banks fail to serve. It also means taking care of our valuable staff, ensuring they’re trained for meaningful careers and empowered to support our most important asset - our members.

Responsible Banking inspires us to think big, embrace innovation, create change and foster growth. As our CEO Daniel Johnson says, “we’re determined not to create an environment where tomorrow is just another version of yesterday for our members.” To achieve this, we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve so that we can continue to be the valuable, profitable and meaningful financial partner that our members deserve. Explore the links below to understand how we live the Responsible Banking mandate.

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For information on upcoming changes to DEPOSIT INSURANCE if we become a federal credit union, see our disclosure notice. Creditors who have concerns may contact Innovation Credit Union.

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